CCC with vibrating rollers

The research project "CCC with vibrating rollers" (Vibro-F) was carried out in cooperation with the company HAMM AG and aimed to develop a new measurement value for Continuous Compaction Control (CCC) with vibratory rollers that is largely independent of machine and process parameters. 

Numerous research activities already carried out at the Institute of Geotechnics at TU Wien in the form of large-scale experimental field tests as well as numerical simulations and parameter studies in this field provide the basis for the development of the new CCC value. 

For the new CCC value, the motion behaviour of the vibrating drum is measured in order to determine the contact geometry between the drum of the roller and the subgrade via geometric relationships, which is thus taken into account for the first time in the determination of the measured value. The temporal course of the contact conditions is then imposed on a simple mechanical soil model, the parameters of which are adjusted in the course of several iterations so that the simulated motion behaviour of the drum matches the measured motion behaviour as closely as possible. Finally, a physically based measurement value can be derived from the model, which describes the stiffness of the soil and is defined as a new CCC value.

Single-drum roller on a test site

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