The Institute of Ground Engineering and Soil Mechanics of TU Wien was founded in 1928, having Prof. Karl von TERZAGHI as the first Head of the Institute. Since then, numerous world-wide respected personalities in the field of Geotechnical Engineering had successfully worked at the Institute and at its Soil Mechanics Laboratory, paving the way for modern and scientifically based Soil Mechanics. Arthur and Leo CASAGRANDE, Leo RENDULIC, Richard JELINEK, Wilhelm STEINBRENNER, Juul HVORSLEV and Peter SIEDEK are of representative call for many others. Professor O.K. FRÖHLICH followed TERZAGHI as the Institute's Head in 1940, and after him it was Prof. Hubert BOROWICKA who led the Institute from 1957 to 1980. From 1981 to 2008, Professor Heinz BRANDL was the Head of the Institute which, beginning with 01.01.2009 has merged with the Institute of Engineering Geology. Since then the two Institutes form the INSTITUTE OF GEOTECHNICS at TU Wien, where the former Institutes are preserved as "Research Unit of Engineering Geology" and "Research Unit of Ground Engineering, Soil and Rock Mechanics". Since 2009 the chair is held by Professor Dietmar ADAM, Head of the Institute of Geotechnics and Head of the Center of Ground Engineering, Soil and Rock Mechanics.