In the research unit of ground engineering, soil and rock mechanics, the focus is on the engineering treatment of soil and ground and its mechanical modelling and evaluation, as well as the formation of a fundamental understanding of soil-structure interaction and its implementation and methodology.

The great breadth is reflected in research topics such as the dynamic compaction of soils by means of vibration and oscillation rollers, the investigation of dynamic depth compaction, the further development of the condition-dependent track tamping method and the dynamic track stabiliser, investigations into soil icing, material investigations for new types of stabilising agents as well as investigations into base course tempering and (track-bound) subsoil improvement in railway construction. Other focal points in recent years have been in the areas of geothermal energy in connection with foundations and tunnel structures, investigations on specimens hardened and tempered by means of low-pressure injection, the development of tests to determine the mechanical properties of glass foam granulate, the abrasiveness of loose rock, flood protection, and in the development and testing of sealing wall materials for deep soil stabilisation procedures.