Apprenticeship "Testing Technology - Focus: Physics"

The TU Wien is Austria's largest research and educational institution in the technical/scientific field and has been making an indispensable contribution to securing Austria's international competitiveness and innovative strength as a research location for more than 200 years. Under the motto "Technology for People", around 26,000 students and more than 4,000 scientists at TU Wien conduct research, teaching and innovation in this spirit.

In terms of teaching, apprentices are also trained at the Institute of Geotechnics, in the research area of foundation engineering, soil and rock mechanics (apprenticeship "testing technology - focus: physics"; formerly: "physics laboratory assistant").

Activities in the soil mechanics laboratory

The training of apprentices for the apprenticeship occupation "Testing Technology - Focus: Physics" takes place in the soil mechanics laboratory of the Institute of Geotechnics. In the soil mechanics laboratory, primarily soil physics laboratory tests are carried out, for example to determine the properties of certain soils. The simplest tests include, for example, the determination of the water content or the determination of the density of a soil. More elaborate laboratory tests can be used, for example, to determine the load-deformation behavior or the shear strength of a soil. The characteristic data determined in this way are used in construction practice, for example, to prevent settlement of buildings or to ensure the stability of a dam.

The laboratory tests usually require manual preparation of the soil samples. Subsequently, the tests are carried out with mechanical or automated laboratory equipment and subsequently evaluated. Further information can be found in the compilation of Laboratory tests.


At the Institute of Geotechnics, in the research area of foundation engineering, soil and rock mechanics, 2 apprenticeship positions are available. A vacant apprenticeship position is usually advertised in the spring; the apprenticeship usually begins on September 1.

Currently, there is no vacant apprenticeship position available. The next announcement of a vacant apprenticeship position is scheduled for spring 2026.

Apprenticeship, apprenticeship period, vocational school

All apprenticeships are listed at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy. Basic information on the apprenticeship "Test engineering - focus: physics", opens an external URL in a new window is also compiled there. Additional information can be found on the pages of the WKO (Austrian Economic Chambers) on the apprenticeship "Test engineering - focus: physics", opens an external URL in a new window.

The apprenticeship period for the apprenticeship occupation "Test engineering - focus: physics" lasts 3 ½ years.

The training takes place in the training company on the one hand and in the vocational school on the other hand, whereby the training for the apprenticeship "testing technology - focus: physics" takes place in the regional vocational school Knittelfeld. The teaching units are usually held in blocks (approx. 10 weeks).

Apprenticeship and Matura

As an apprenticeship company, the Institute of Geotechnics supports the possibility of completing the Matura training during the apprenticeship period. General information on apprenticeship with Matura and the possible models (accompanying model; integrated model with extended apprenticeship period; integrated model without extension of the apprenticeship period), which may have certain effects on the apprenticeship contract, can be found on the homepage of the WKO (Austrian Economic Chambers) under Lehre und Matura, opens an external URL in a new window.

The vocational baccalaureate consists of four partial exams: German, mathematics, a living foreign language and a subject area. The models are different in each federal state. Each federal state has a sponsoring organization that has overall responsibility for handling and implementing the apprenticeship and Matura (financed by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research). Information on the Berufsmatura in Vienna can be found at the following link: Berufsmatura Vienna, opens an external URL in a new window


If you are interested, you should have the following profile:

  • Completed compulsory school and good general knowledge, gladly also school leavers of a higher school
  • Pleasure in physics and technology
  • Technical interest in working in a laboratory
  • Manual dexterity as well as skill in handling machines and sensitive measuring instruments
  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to work in a team, willingness to work, independence as well as high learning ability
  • Reliability and high sense of responsibility
  • Very good knowledge of German language

We offer you:

  • Varied and comprehensive apprenticeship training in a scientific environment
  • Insights into the work of students and scientists
  • Collegial working atmosphere
  • Internal further training opportunities
  • Good accessibility by public transport