Orientation Phase Spatial Planning

Excursions: "aspern - Vienna's lakeside city" and "Favoriten - housing and mobility through the ages".

Studierende erkunden den 10. Wiener Gemeindebezirk

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Studierende bei der Exkursion im 10. Bezirk

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Studierende erkunden gemeinsam den 10. Wiener Gemeindebezirk

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Skyline von der Seestadt-Aspern

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In the first week, first-semester students of the degree programme Spatial Planning and Spatial Development were given an overview of the degree programme in the course "Orientation Phase Spatial Planning". Among other things, they got to know relevant research areas and institutes. In addition, various fields of activity and career opportunities that may arise after graduation were presented in the course of the practitioners' forum. On the last day, various excursions took place in this context. The students had the opportunity to get to know the city of Vienna from a different perspective. Two excursions were offered by the Research Department for Urban and Regional Research (SRF).

"aspern - Vienna's Urban Lakeside" with Hans Kramar

Over the next 15 years, one of the largest urban development projects in Europe will be built in Vienna's 22nd district. What sets Seestadt Aspern apart from many other urban development areas is the existence of a long-term master plan that is to be implemented in several stages by 2030. The Urban Lakeside is not only to provide high-quality housing for up to 20,000 people, but at the same time to serve as a modern office and commercial location with research and educational opportunities as well as diverse leisure and cultural facilities. This integrated approach to urban development is to be realised with the help of new technologies (transport, energy, construction technology) and with the involvement of the population. The excursion gave the students an insight into the history, status quo and future steps of this project, which has attracted attention throughout Europe.

"Favoriten - Housing and Mobility in Changing Times" with Florian Pühringer / David Schwab

The 10th district is one of the most dynamic districts in Vienna: strong population growth, new districts, new infrastructure. At the same time, Favoriten is an originally industrial, working-class and immigrant district. The students were given the opportunity to explore the challenges of the current structural, socio-demographic, mobility-related and economic transformation processes for the district's development. The focus of the excursion was on municipal housing and its transformation in past eras as well as mobility-related tasks against the background of local political conditions. The excursion started at Reumannplatz, led through Supergrätzl, Gudrunstraße and the urban development area Neues Landgut to Sonnwendviertel, currently the largest urban development area in Favoriten.