Johannes Suitner expands teaching and research cooperation of the SRF

Our SRF colleague Johannes Suitner returned well from his one-month guest professorship at the Université Rennes 2 at the end of March. In addition to Breton sweets (thank you!), his luggage mainly contained exciting research contacts.

Ein Collage aus fünf verschiedenen Fotos.

© Johannes Suitner

At the end of February, our PostDoc took the ÖBB Nightjet to Paris and then the TGV to Rennes, where he was welcomed by his colleagues at the Department of Space and Society (ESO - Rennes).

As part of his visiting professorship, he held the course "Urban Planning in Europe", where he taught the students of geography and planning at the Université Rennes 2 about the different ways in which global challenges such as population growth or climate change are negotiated and addressed locally and how this is related to path-dependent planning systems and local planning cultures. He also gave expert lectures on the history of urban planning and urban development in Vienna, as well as on good practice in urban climate change adaptation planning in European cities.

In addition to the intensive exchange with the Department of Space and Society, Johannes Suitner was also able to establish contacts with the interdisciplinary Research Laboratory for Social Innovation (LIRIS). For teaching cooperation, possibilities for student exchanges between Vienna and Rennes were envisaged, especially via research stays in the context of diploma theses.

We are pleased that the guest professorship was a complete success and that our colleague is now back at the SRF with many valuable impressions and exciting new contacts!