General sociology, urban and regional sociology, social inequality, social milieus & lifestyles, segregation & gentrification, mobility, spatial theory, migration & integration

Academic Career

Jens S. Dangschat studied sociology (major), economics, psychology, social and economic history (minors) at the University of Hamburg from 1971-1979. In his diploma thesis (1979) he dealt with the "Measurement of Social Disadvantage in Urban Subdivisions via Social Indicators" (grade: very good). Afterwards he worked as a research assistant in three major research projects ("Action Spaces of Urban Dwellers", "Urban Development in Western and Eastern European Capitals" - both at the University of Hamburg - "New Household Types" at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg).

In 1985 he was awarded a doctorate from the University of Hamburg with the thesis "Zur sozialräumlichen Analyse Warschaus. Application of Social Ecology to a Large City of a Socialist Country in Eastern Europe" (cum laude). From 1985 to 1991 he was a university assistant (C1) at the University of Hamburg. During this time he carried out, among other things, two DFG projects on gentrification in Hamburg.

From 1991 to 1992 he held a substitute professorship at the University of Hamburg and habilitated with the thesis "Gentrification - Indicator and consequence of global economic transformation, social change, political actions and shifts in the housing market in inner-city residential areas".

From 1992 to 1998, he was C3 Professor of General Sociology, Urban and Regional Sociology at the University of Hamburg. At the beginning of 1998, he took up the position of Full Professor in the newly established position of "Sociology of Settlement and Demography" in the Faculty of Spatial Planning & Architecture at the TU Wien and became Head of ISRA. Since 10/2016 he is Emeritus Professor at the TU Wien.

Jens S. Dangschat is a member of several scientific advisory boards, political foundations, but also those of the real estate industry and market research, among others he was president of the Austrian Sociological Society (ÖGS) (2009-2011), vice president (2011-2013). He has published or edited 25 books and written about 450 articles in journals and readers.

Teaching and Research

In teaching for spatial planners, he did the introductory lectures in General Sociology & Demography (also for architects), Urban & Regional Sociology as well as Methods of Empirical Social Research and Methodology. Furthermore, he leads seminars on social inequality, segregation and integration, housing in social change, communication and participation, social aspects of spatial planning, sustainable regional development, limits of planning, migration.

In his research Jens S. Dangschat deals with questions of socio-spatial inequality (residential segregation, gentrification; social milieus), with theories of action especially in the field of mobility and energy use, with sustainable spatial development, the conception of 'urban living labs', with the impact of future technologies on (urban) society and urban governance in the field of digitalization and automated driving.

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