Participation | Experimental and emancipatory planning approaches | Self-organisation | Urban governance

Anna Aigner studied spatial and regional planning at the Vienna University of Technology (2014 - 2023 Dipl. Ing.) and environmental management and planning at the University of Manchester (2017). Her previous practical and academic work has focused on participatory urban planning and development. Particular emphasis has been placed on researching open, experimental and emancipatory planning approaches, as well as issues of self-organisation. On this topic, she worked with Urban Equipe and Kollektiv Raumstation on the handbook "Organisiert Euch! Zusammen die Stadt verändern, opens an external URL in a new window", published in 2020. 

Through her work at Urbanista, Hamburg (2016) and Superwien Urbanism (2020-2021), she has gained practical experience in participatory urban planning, placemaking and activating civil society engagement. From 2021 to 2023 she worked as a project assistant on research projects focusing on socially innovative climate and sustainability experiments at the Research Department for Urban and Regional Research and the Research Department for Sociology at the Institute for Spatial Planning at the Vienna University of Technology.

Since February 2023, Anna Aigner is working as a University Assistant (PraeDoc) at the Department of Sociology, researching the transformative potential of urban experiments and their relation to planning practice.


SIAMESE (Project homepage, opens an external URL in a new window

Scientific monitoring and evaluation of “Wiener Klimateam” (Project homepage, opens an external URL in a new window)

Suitner, J., Krisch, A., Aigner, A. (2022). All hail the new king? Critically reflecting on urban experimentation for transformative change. Judith Fritz & Nino Tomaschek (Hrsg.): Transformationsgesellschaft – Visionen und Strategien für den sozialökologischen Wandel. Waxmann: Münster/New York.

Urban Equipe und Kollektiv Raumstation (Hrsg.) (2020): ORGANISIERT EUCH! Zusammen die Stadt verändern. Das Handbuch: Zürich.

Aigner, A., Rosc, C. (2019). Understanding Dharavi. Attempting to Grasp the Functioning of an Informal Settlement. Ian Banerjee & Alexander Hamedinger (Hrsg.): City of Dreams. Perspectives on the Megacity Mumbai. new academic press: Wien

Aigner, A., Rosc, C. (2019). Redevelopment in Dharavi. From an Overall Strategy to an Human-Centred Process Strategy. Ian Banerjee & Alexander Hamedinger (Hrsg.): City of Dreams. Perspectives on the Megacity Mumbai. new academic press: Wien

Summer 2023: Lecture and exercise "Communication and Participation" (280.792), opens an external URL in a new window, together with Gesa Witthöft and Andrea Mann.

As part of her academic training, Anna Aigner worked as a tutor for the courses "Scientific Work in RPL", "Methods of Regional Analysis", "Techniques of Communication", "Methods of Empirical Social Research" and "Communication and Participation". In addition to administrative tasks such as supervising the Tuwel courses and supporting students in organisational matters, Anna Aigner was also able to contribute to the preparation and implementation of the courses in terms of content.