Proj.Ass. Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Youssef

integrated energy and spatial planning, regional development, building and planning culture, transdisciplinary research, participation processes

Daniel Youssef completed his studies in spatial planning at TU Wien in 2019. During his Master's degree, he was already intensively involved with energy and climate-relevant aspects in the context of local and regional development. In his diploma thesis "Spatial potential analysis and use of renewable energy sources using the example of the district of Baden (Lower Austria) - A contribution to regional energy and spatial planning", he specialised further in the interesting interplay between energy and space, exploring the spatial dimensions of energy demand and energy supply.

In addition to his work at the Institute of Spatial Planning at TU Wien, he has already gained experience as a researcher at RSA FG - Studio iSPACE (2019-2020) and has also been working in planning practice at stadtland since from 2021 on, where he mainly worked on regional master planning projects. As part of his research work, he is involved in transdisciplinary planning processes to promote sustainable spatial development and models for the analysis and visualisation of (energy) spatial planning conditions and potentials. He enthusiastically designs striking (plan) representations and conceives (regional) participation processes in order to contribute to the promotion of an ecologically sustainable development through awareness-raising measures. 

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