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Top Ranking: MBAs at the TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education

The TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education has achieved excellent results in the latest Industriemagazin rankings by 200 CEOs and HR managers.

Industriemagazin Ranking 2024

With first place in the Professional MBA ranking and third place in the Executive MBA ranking, these results confirm the high quality and value of the MBA programs at TU Wien.

The Study: Recommendation, Salary Perspectives, and Selection Criteria

In the wide-ranging study conducted by market research company Brandscore, 200 CEOs and HR managers were surveyed. The focus was on recommendations for postgraduate study programs, salary and career prospects after graduation, and important criteria for selecting a program. The TU Wien Academy achieved the highest recommendation and awareness rate among 16 Austrian MBA providers in the "Professional MBA" ranking and third place in the "Executive MBA" ranking.

The Success Factor: Unique Executive Education Value Chain

The top rankings of the TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education in the MBA rankings are the result of a consistent focus on the needs of students and the requirements of the market. By combining technological expertise, practical business know-how, and leadership skills, the TU Wien Academy offers unique MBA programs that optimally prepare participants for leadership positions.

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"The success reflects our consistent dedication to the target group-specific further development of our programs. As TU Wien, we can offer unique insights into current technological developments in the sense of technology foresight, supported by top-level research and Nobel laureates, as well as unique collaborations with world-leading institutions such as the California Institute of Technology."

Prof. Wolfgang Güttel | Dean TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education

Transition to Executive MBA Programs since Fall 2023

Since fall 2023, the former Professional MBA programs at the TU Wien Academy are offered as Executive MBA programs. This change underscores TU Wien's commitment to providing its students with a first-class education that meets the highest standards and optimally prepares them for leadership positions.

What do these rankings mean for you?

As a prospective student, you can rely on receiving an education that is recommended by leading managers and industry experts. This creates a solid foundation for your professional confidence and success.

For current students, the top ranking is confirmation that your investment in time and resources is well-placed. It fosters a learning environment in which you can reach your full potential.

Investment in Your Future

An MBA degree from the TU Wien Academy is an investment in your future. The top rankings prove that you will receive the tools you need for success. Take this opportunity and become part of a group of leaders who will shape the economy of tomorrow.

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