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Renewable Energy students learn about wind & geothermal energy - from the ground up to 135 meters

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In the middle of their Masters journey, the 17th class of our MSc Renewable Energy Systems attended a week of lectures about Wind power and Geothermal technologies. During the first half of the week, they learned about wind project planning and developing, followed by an excursion to two wind turbines from Energiepark.

The group first visited the tour wind turbine with a glass platform, which is open for any visitors interested. After that, they were able to also climb a newer, taller wind turbine, that can only be scaled when accompanied by the Energiepark’s technical staff. They were very impressed and delighted by this unique experience.

The second half of their week consisted of lectures from three experts on geothermal energy utilization and project planning, also followed by an excursion to two geothermal heated locations in Hungary. First, a thermal spa, where the whole technology heating the hotel area was shown, followed by a geothermal heated and cooled vegetable green house facility. There the group could see the well, where the geothermal water originates.

This was the groups final visit to Energiepark in Bruck/Leitha, and we hope they will enjoy the rest of their modules.


Key Facts 
MSc Renewable Energy Systems | TU Wien

Final Degree: Master of Science (MSc)
Academic Director: Univ.Prof.Dr.techn. Reinhard Haas
Language: English

Duration: 4 Semesters
Location: Vienna & Bruck/Leitha
Structure: part-time, blocked modules

Tuition Fee: EUR 19,500
Next Program Start: November 17, 2022
Application Deadline: June 30, 2022

Admission requirements: Completion of a subject-related study program in technical and natural sciences, economics or law and a minimum of 2 years of professional experience. Persons holding an equivalent educational and professional qualification may also be admitted.