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Key-Learnings of the Expert Talk with Dr. Dieter Siegel and Mag. Andreas Berger from Rosenbauer

CEO Dr. Dieter Siegel and Mag. Andreas Berger, Senior Vice President HR, provide an insight into Rosenbauer's strategic development in an interview with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Güttel.

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Virtual Expert Talk - Strategischer Weitblick in Unternehmen mit Rosenbauer

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Andreas Berger

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The Expert Talk with Dr. Dieter Siegel, Mag. Andreas Berger from Rosenbauer, opens an external URL in a new window, and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Güttel from the TU Vienna Continuing Education Center took place virtually on June 23, 2021. In the talk, the experts discussed, among other things, Rosenbauer's strategic goals, innovation processes, and a modern corporate culture that enables further development.

We have summarized the key learnings for you.

Key-Learnings from the Expert Talk

  • People Centricity in Rosenbauer City: If one views Rosenbauer as a city, strategic foresight has enabled the company to develop from an international trading city into a modern metropolis. Rosenbauer City is a city of people, who are able to implement the strategic cornerstones that they themselves have helped to shape in suitable structures.
  • Starting points for strategic development: Companies should ask themselves how the world will change us - and how will we change the world?
  • Openness as a cornerstone in corporate culture: Keeping a finger on the pulse of the times requires openness in all areas of the company. Rosenbauer promotes a culture of openness to new paths, innovations, and further development. To this end, Rosenbauer also creates various structures in which innovations can flourish: R&D departments, ventures such as RED, or project teams to explore completely new fields of technology such as robotics or data science.
  • Customers as innovation partners: The good connections to the large network of volunteer fire departments in Central Europe and especially Austria enable Rosenbauer to continuously implement and drive innovations together with its customers.
  • Management development: Rosenbauer promotes solid training of the management level in order to secure know-how for the growth and further development of the company. Modern further training models are necessary for the managers of the future.
  • Cooperation in tennis doubles: Especially in change processes, managers and employees must be well coordinated, cooperative and goal-oriented. The focus must be on achieving the common goal. Just like in tennis doubles: Who scores the points is irrelevant - the main thing is to win together.
  • With mutual trust through crises and change processes: Critical phases can be successfully overcome by consciously working toward common goals and a strong sense of mutual trust throughout the team. Well-trained managers and team building measures are essential for this.

Zu unseren Experten

KommR Dr. Dieter Siegel has been CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Rosenbauer International AG since 2011. Mag. Andreas Berger has been Senior Vice President HR at Rosenbauer since 2012.

Rosenbauer, opens an external URL in a new window is always developing genuine innovations and setting new standards with technically leading solutions. Customer focus, innovative strength, and reliability are Rosenbauer's key strengths.

The company has been successfully serving fire departments for 150 years and is the world's leading manufacturer of firefighting technology for defensive fire protection and disaster management. With a sales and service network in around 120 countries, the Group is the world's largest fire equipment supplier.

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