Fees & Financing

Course fee

Depending on the Executive MBA program, the tuition fee starts at EUR 22,900 (VAT-free). This investment includes courses, required course materials such as literature and case studies, and coffee breaks. Not included are travel, accommodation and catering costs. For MBA programs that include modules abroad, additional costs apply (not included in the modules abroad are individual travel expenses and costs for board and lodging).

Graduates of the TU Wien / TU Wien alumni club members receive a discount of 10% on the course fee.

Financing options for your education

Further education doesn’t only mean investing time but is also a financial investment in your future. In order to support you in this, we have put together as comprehensive an overview as possible of various financing options for further training activities.

Payment in installments

The course fee can be paid separately in up to four installments. Attention: an additional surcharge for each installment payment will be added . The payment in installments gives participiants the opportunity to deduct the course fee from your taxes over a period of 3 years. For more details please contact our program team.

Tax Deductibility and Tax Advantages*

In Austria, employees can claim the expenses for vocational training and further training as income-related expenses within the scope of employee assessment. Depending upon height of the income up to 50% of the costs of further training are refunded. Self-employed persons have the opportunity to declare expenses for further training as business expenses in their income tax return.
For companies, training costs as business expenses reduce the taxable base. In addition, either a training allowance in the amount of 20% of the training costs or a training premium in the amount of 6% can be claimed.
Further information on tax deductibility and tax advantages for employees and companies can be found here. For specific information, please contact your tax consultant or the Federal Ministry of Finance.

* Despite careful research, no responsibility can be taken for the accuracy of the information provided.

Financing Options and Scholarships

We have prepared an overview of various financing options such as educational leave, part-time education, education loans and education funds, as well as a comprehensive overview of national and international funding for employees and entrepreneurs.

We have also compiled information on subsidies for Austrian companies here.