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02. May 2023 until 30. November 2023 all day

Exhibition: Integrating gender dimensions in the content of research and innovation


The exhibition from 02 May to 30 November 2023 offers an overview of how the connection between technology and gender can be understood.

The exhibition "The Gender Dimension in Research and Innovation" was created at the Department of Gender Competence within the framework of the EU project GEECCO. Addressing gender can be a chance in research and engineering, in society and in business for many reasons: because it ensures excellence and quality of results and increases sustainability, because research and engineering projects become more responsive to the needs of society and the environment, and because new ideas, patents, and technologies are developed.

The central goal of the exhibition is to inform such diverse target groups as researchers and funding agencies, but also media makers and politicians about the importance of gender-sensitive research for the quality and reliability of new technologies. In-depth material is also provided by the extensive literature summary, opens an external URL in a new window that forms the basis of the exhibition. There, the state and most important results of feminist and gender research on selected technology topics are summarised.

From the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020, the exhibition was already on display at several TU Wien locations. The current cooperation of TU Wien Bibliothek with the Gender Competence Department now makes it possible to make the exhibition accessible again at a central location of TU Wien from 02 May to 30 November 2023. The exhibition can be viewed during library opening hours.

By hosting this exhibition, we emphasise our commitment to the fifth UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG5), Gender Equality.

SDG 5: Gender equality
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1040 Vienna
Resselgasse 4, Stairwell



TU Wien Bibliothek together with the Department of Gender Competence
Silvia Spitaler (TU Wien Bibliothek), DI Dr. Brigitte Ratzer (Department of Gender Competence)





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