Training on hazardous substances emission modelling and scenario evaluation

Gruppenbild vom Projectmeeting Transnational training

Projectmeeting Transnational training

Rollout of the transnational trainings series on hazardous substances emission modelling within the EU Interreg project Danube Hazard m3c!
After the first workshop at TU Wien, we will hold in the next days other two trainings in Budapest and Bucharest.
We present to several national experts from Danube countries the two models we are using in the project (MoRE: a pathway oriented approach) and DHSM (building on the SOLUTIONS project, a source-oriented approach) and discuss with them the potential role of these tools in supporting inventorying, assessment and management of hazardous substances emissions into water bodies in their countries.
Hopefully another step forward into understanding, controlling and reducing water contamination in the Danube River Basin.