In everyday working life, there are always situations that are challenging or stressful.
The goal of the TU Wien is to provide goal-oriented and individual support to employees. Individual consultations offer the opportunity to develop solutions for certain and often very specific questions or problems that arise again and again in the course of everyday work, either on an individual or team level. As a HR development service, we refer employees and managers to external consultants from our coaching pool if necessary.

Our services include coaching, team development, mediation and organizational development processes.


The HR development department supports you with the following services:

  • Coaching
  • Team support / team building
  • Support of team retreats
  • Organizational development
  • Mediation

Our offers are basically directed to all

  •     Employees who perform management tasks at the TU Wien, especially if they have taken over these tasks.
  •     Employees (scientific and general staff) who are looking for support for professional questions / decision-making situations / problems.
  •     Employees who are looking for support in acute crises and coping with grief, if their work is affected (ATTENTION: long-term support or psychotherapy cannot be supported)



1. if you are interested, please contact HR Development to make an appointment for a short preliminary discussion (by phone or in person). In this meeting we will clarify your expectations and needs, on the basis of which we will then recommend suitable external consultants from our pool. This preliminary discussion is, of course, confidential.

2. you then contact the consultants independently, whereby we recommend that you have at least a short (telephone) preliminary discussion with all the persons recommended by us. This will serve as a basis for your decision with whom you would like to continue working.

3. after completion of the process we ask you to give us feedback. This feedback will help us to continuously improve our counseling services and will also be treated confidentially.




By default, 3 units are approved and funded by Human Resources Development. In case of urgent need, further units can be requested.

ATTENTION: Please note that unused units expire after 3 months and are automatically cancelled!


Retreats, team development, process support:

External consulting services for retreats, team development, and process facilitation will be co-funded by HR Development. Any travel and accommodation costs must be borne by the department itself.