Ongoing evaluation projects

Overview of ongoing evaluation projects. Detailed information is only available for selected project participants on the internal TU coLAB website.

The second pilot evaluation of faculties is being carried out at the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation from summer 2024 and should be completed in spring 2025. The evaluation will focus on the area of teaching, which is given more importance than other areas. Due to the very different focus areas, the evaluation process will be carried out partly in parallel and separately for the areas of Mathematics and Geoinformation.

The self-evaluation is based on quantitative data from central sources and the self-evaluation process involves a multi-stage collection of qualitative primary data in the area of teaching. Specifically, several 1) interviews will be conducted with staff and students of the Faculty, 2) a questionnaire will be sent to all staff and students of the Faculty and 3) a self-assessment workshop will be held on 27 September 2024. On 30 September 2024, a self-assessment workshop will take place in the area of geoinformation.

Information for project participants can be found in MS Teams. Further information is available from the Department of University Development and Quality Management.