with real-time adaptation of clamping forces to process conditions

  • autonomous adaptation of tool gripping forces which responds to changing tool and machine conditions during the manufacturing process
  • integrated sensors and actuator technology that can measure clamping forces, vibrations and machine parameters, thus clamping forces can be adjusted in real-time, according to current progress on the workpiece
  • fast,  secure 5G communication  (eMBB, mMTC, uRLLC)
  • guarantees maximum cutting speed and feed rate at all times
  • compatible with the zero-point clamping system of all manufacturers and equipped with robot couplings
  • battery-driven and autonomous for 3-shift operation, contactlessly rechargeable
  • enables autonomous process automation for highly precise and accelerated manufacture of products
  • also suitable for small lots and one-off production pieces which may require the highest standards of process documentation (i.e. aerospace industry)
  • data recorded available in real-time for process optimization, via ML-pattern recognition
  • enables Predictive Maintenance[1]  for the entire processing machine
  • robust, durable and inexpensive

Innovation Level

  • an outstanding example of how to replace steps in the operation - which up to now had to be performed manually and interrupted the process - with smart components. The components are fully 5G linked and integrated with the machine’s automatic controls.
  • Global debut of an autonomously self-optimizing production process in secure 5G- networks for industry 4.0 - further categories of data from the machine can also be wirelessly integrated in process automation, via 5G communication of the vice.
  • developed at the TU Wien, in Europe’s first all-5G production facility (equipped with a private, 5G standalone network) – together with ALLMATIC Jakob Spannsysteme GmbH

Target Audience

  • Machine cutting industry
  • Manufacturers of tooling machines and production lines
  • Automation technology
  • Suppliers and operators of 5G-Networks in manufacturing facilities


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Smart 5G-machine vice

Smart 5G-machine vice with integrated clamping force regulation for autonomous production (right: connecting threads for robot coupling – developed together with ALLMATIC Jakob Spannsysteme GmbH

Autonomous movement of the 5G-machine vice

Autonomous movement of the 5G-machine vice (at the time, a prototype) in the production facility

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