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high- performance heat storage unit which is based on a thermochemical reaction

recycling of waste heat of 150-400 °C (300-750 °F) and of 400-815 °C (750-1,500 °F) –
efficient, cost-effective and robust

  • high energy density 
  • highly dynamic heat release
  • with waste heat between 150-400 °C (300-750 °F):
    - supplies heat at a high temperature level of more than 300 °C (575 °F)
    - with short charging times of a few minutes
    - enables local and temporal decoupling of waste heat generation and heat utilization
  • unique and cost-effective material combinations 
  • smart systems – easy to handle and robust
  • high cycle stability
  • suitable for use as long-term storage - several months

Level of innovation

  • unique storage systems on thermo-chemical basis as well as on the basis of sensible heat
  • multiple patent protection

Application & target groups

  • power utilities, ergy providers, plant engineering, production industries
  • 150-400 °C (300-750 °F) – e.g. for prevention of cold starts of internal combustion engines in cars, trucks, construction machinery, traction engines and shipping – efficient preheating of catalyst, oil, etc.
  • waste heat utilization and energy efficient heat storage in industry and energy sector


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Module for highly dynamic recycling of waste heat

Module for highly dynamic recycling of waste heat

industrial heat storage

Hocheffizienter Wärmespeicher

Hocheffizienter Wärmespeicher der TU Wien für Industrie & Kraftwerke zur Nutzung von Abwärme - 850°C

Heat Storage - catalyzer

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3D-Modell eines Katalysators/Wärmespeichers

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Energy Solutions – Hall 13, Stand D26

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