Accelerated long-term durability testing

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Accelerating Long Term Reliability Testing

New mechanical method for quality testing of material joints

  • unique method for quick detection of weak points in multilayer components and systems
  • for joint areas or layer thicknesses from nm up to cm
  • to increase long-term reliability
  • very quick, efficient, reliable and proven
  • realistic failure modes of expected long-term damage in the shortest possible time 
  • precise visualisation of time-dependent degradation process as a function of material and production parameters
  • for a wide range of material combinations
  • extreme time savings compared to conventional test methods (factor of 1,000 and more)
  • rapid screening for optimal material selection and product design as well as critical manufacturing parameters
  • considerable shortening of the "time to market" 
  • quick improvement of sustainability, customer confidence and profitability by reducing scrap and waste rates, as well as by avoiding complaints
  • already proven in practice - successfully being used for chip testing at Infineon

Level of innovation

  • unique method for reliable control of long-term performance and durability of various material combinations and composites in the nm to cm range
  • by means of highly accelerated mechanical material testing
  • first public presentation at a trade show

Target groups and applications

  • automotive, aerospace industry, medical technology, mechanical engineering, toolmaking, plant manufacturers
  • manufacturers of measuring and testing equipment for the above-mentioned industries
  • production and development of or laboratories for:
    - soldered, sintered, welded, bonded joints
    - functional coatings, thin-film coatings, paints
    - laminates, composites
    - semiconductor materials, electronic components
  • company partners wanted for the implementation regarding applications mentioned above


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Qualitätsprüfung – Materialbeispiele

Qualitätsprüfung – Materialbeispiele

Qualitätsprüfung – Graph "Zyklen:Spannung [MPa]"

Qualitätsprüfung – Graph "Zyklen:Spannung [MPa]"

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