for waste heat of 400-800 °C (750-1,500 °F) - efficient, cost-effective and robust

  • for temperatures up to 800 °C (1,500°F)
  • high energy density
  • easily scalable and fully embeddable in thermal power plant and industrial processes
  • only one heat exchanger for storing and discharging thermal energy
  • short reaction time between storage and release of thermal energy
  • cost-effective, environmentally friendly storage materials made of solid matter
  • low-wear, without moving, rotating components in the high-temperature zone
  • compact, technically easy to handle, cost-effective
  • heat output decoupled from storage capacity
  • for storage capacities up to 6 MWh

Level of innovation

  • unique storage system based on sensible heat, with slightly fluidized particle bed
  •  patent protection available

Target groups

  • manufacturing industries with high heat demand
  • flexible energy storage, energy utilities
  • plant manufacturers


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Dynamic high-temperature heat storage for waste heat

Dynamic high-temperature heat storage for waste heat from 400-800°C - efficient, cost-effective and robust

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