2-in-1 Laser Eye

2-in-1 Laser eye for combined velocity and concentration figures

  • non-contact measurement of velocity and concentration distributions across a flow section by means of a laser beam
  • high-resolution recording of laminar and turbulent mixing processes and chemical reactions
  • designed for liquids
  • applicable to gas phase measurement with high laser power
  • time and space synchronized flow and concentration measurements – analysing the same fluid element through a single laser excitation
  • analysis in high temporal resolution of both mixing and concentration fluctuations
  • quality control in vessels as well as in flow lines
  • non-invasive technology – fluid flow is not affected by the probe, and the flow channel remains sealed against leakage
  • large numbers of measurement positions can be reached automatically through a traversing system moving the probe with fixed focal length to the positions of interest
  • device can be adapted for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, as only optical access to flow is required – ATEX compliant
  • precise measurement and control of critical processes e.g. mixing, streaking (refraction anomalies), chemical reactions, segregation and phase separation

Innovation level:

  • prototype for industrial measurements, which for the first time allows simultaneous determination of velocity and concentration in liquids (and also in gases)
  • smart combination of two proven high resolution measuring methods (Laser Doppler velocimetry and Raman spectroscopy)
  • compared to previous model, only one measuring head with powerful signal filter
  • first public presentation – world novelty

Target groups:

  • manufacturers of laser-optical measuring technology
  • food, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum industry
  • design and manufacturing in chemical engineering
  • research institutions in business and science
2-in-1 Laser Eye - basic principle

Basic Principle – 2-in-1 Laser Eye

2-in-1 Laser Eye - basic principle

2-in-1 Laser Eye - measuring result

2-in-1 Laser Eye measuring result

2-in-1 Laser Eye - measuring result

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