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The list merely shows a few examples of available technologies. If you have any questions regarding the technologies indicated here or wish to find out about other available technologies in a particular field, please contact the staff members of Patent & License Management, opens in new window.

Fluorescence scanner for bitumen quality control

Close-up of a road surface, above it a battery-shaped black tube labelled "Bitumen Scanner", which emits two beams onto the surface; the beams are reflected back onto a small display labelled "Bitumen Quality Index" - with link to PDF "Fluorescence scanner for bitumen quality control"

robust mobile scanner | outdoor | easy-to- use  |  fluorescent spectroscopy |  bitumen’s chemical composition | short measurement process | measurement of the aging of bitumen

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Column-Slab Joint

Two sketches of a Column-Slab Joint with link to PDF "COLUMN-SLAB JOINT"

Slender precast columns through the use of high-strength materials | Reduction of the thickness of the reinforced concrete slabs

Balanced lift bridge construction

Photo of construction site of the prototype structure, two mobile cranes in the foreground, behind them the folded-up balanced lifting bridge, with link to video "New bridge construction method - BALANCED LIFT BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION"

bridge | balanced lift construction method | high piers | span length 50 m and 250 m | temporary bridge | lift bridge

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Deep sea bridge with large span

pontoon bridge

© Norwegian Public Roads Administration

pontoon bridge | under-water tensioning cables | axial stiffness | stability against side drift

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