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The list merely shows a few examples of available technologies. If you have any questions regarding the technologies indicated here or wish to find out about other available technologies in a particular field, please contact the staff members of Patent & License Management, opens in new window.

Fluorescence scanner for bitumen quality control

Link to PDF "Fluorescence scanner for bitumen quality control"

robust mobile scanner | outdoor | easy-to- use  |  fluorescent spectroscopy |  bitumen’s chemical composition | short measurement process | measurement of the aging of bitumen


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Balanced lift bridge construction

Link to video "New bridge construction method - BALANCED LIFT BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION"

bridge | balanced lift construction method | high piers | span length 50 m and 250 m | temporary bridge | lift bridge

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Deep sea bridge with large span

pontoon bridge

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pontoon bridge | under-water tensioning cables | axial stiffness | stability against side drift

Column-Slab Joint


Slender precast columns through the use of high-strength materials | Reduction of the thickness of the reinforced concrete slabs

Further Technologies