From idea to application

The multitude of funding bodies and funding programmes often makes it difficult to find a suitable funding for a research project. The "Funding Support and Industry Relations" team uses its huge expertise to support you, presenting you potential alternatives to the most popular funding programmes. Afterwards, we support you with your application. Also visit us at our FöWi-coLAB and subscribe to our blog for the latest developments!

Our portfolio

We offer you an extensive range of services to achieve your funding goals. However, nothing beats a personal conversation. us to arrange an appointment to find out more about the individual consultancy options available.

You've got an idea for a project, you are a junior researcher, opens an external URL in a new window and you like to get information about programmes advancing your scientific career? Or you are searching funding programmes to support and enable the implemention of major projects? If that sounds like you, contact us to arrange an appointment to get an overview.

A successful proposal requires a number of things including compliance with formal criteria. We provide advice and support on directives and evaluation criteria, explain eligibility and other formalities and give you information on the processes within TU Wien.

The small budgets of funding organisations and the high competition  can result in the rejection of proposals that fail to meet the formal criteria - regardless of their academic quality.

For selected programmes, we therefore offer a formal checking service and an in-depth review of proposals regarding programme objectives and reviewers' questions. These proposal checks are undertaken inter alia by external partners, according to the programme.

  • FWF doc.funds and doc.funds.connect
  • FWF Forschungsgruppen (FWF Research Groups)
  • ERC grants
  • EIT Manufacturing
  • MSCA Doctoral Programmes
  • MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • MSCA Staff Exchange
  • WWTF Vienna Research Groups
  • FFG Spin Off Fellowships
  • FFG Infrastrukturförderung (FFG Infrastructure Funding)
  • CDG (on request)
  • FFG COMET (on request)

Hearings are one of the most challenging situations in obtaining third-party funding. Once your project has been passed the written assessment stating the high academic quality , you are invited to hearing where you defend your project in front of  a jury - which does not necessarily consist of scientific experts in the field.

For selected programmes (FWF SFB, FWF START, ERC grants, FFG Spin off Fellowship, CD-Labore (CD Laboratories), FWF doc.funds and doc.funds.connect, FWF Young Independent Researcher Groups, WWTF Vienna Research Groups), we support your hearing  preparation to achieve (hopefully) best results. We arrange mock hearings and occasionally organise coaching sessions with external trainers for the optimal preparation.

Rejections are part of the process and are never pleasant. An outside perspective from experts in other fields can often help in taking a fresh look at your own application. We would be happy to discuss assessments and rejection letters and are available for meetings with funding bodies' funding programme managers. Sometimes, a new strategy or alternative funding programme can be the key to success. We can also provide you with advice and assistance on this option.

At our events, we also give you the benefit of our own experience and that of successful applicants at TU Wien. You will find further information about these events on the Event formats page and in the Events calendar.