Since the beginning of 2012, the topic of "workplace health promotion" has been part of the Human Resources Development Department's remit. The offer ranges from various preventive, medical, and psychological offers to sports activities. In the actual implementation of the individual measures, the TU Wien makes use of external cooperation partners.

In the area of medicine and occupational psychology, we work together with IBG.

Healthy and safe working

You can find our current range of courses under the category "Healthy and Safe Working" in TISS, opens an external URL in a new window.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Medical services

If you have any questions, please contact our assistant Mrs. Götz by phone at DW 400650 or by e-mail at

Health check-ups

In cooperation with the Occupational Health Centre / IBG, we offer all employees of the TU Wien the possibility of having health examinations carried out in-house.

Registration is done via the health portal, opens an external URL in a new window.


TU Wien continuously offers vaccination campaigns in cooperation with the Occupational Health Service (AMD) of the TU Wien.

The Occupational Health Service is responsible for the organisation and implementation. The subsidy is settled directly with the health insurance company by the AMD. We only need your signature at the time of vaccination to transfer your entitlement.

The vaccination is carried out after an appointment has been coordinated at the occupational health clinic at Resselgasse 3, Stiege 2, EG rechts. Vaccination is only possible after prior registration via the registration system, opens an external URL in a new window, opens an external URL in a new window.

Only staff members without their own PC can register via Ms. Götz (58801-400650)! If you have any further questions, please send an email to

Psychological counselling

TU staff members have the opportunity to receive individual counselling anonymously and free of charge at the occupational psychology office. 

The occupational psychology consultation is a short-term intervention and not a long-term support service. The occupational psychologist can support employees in their search for a psychotherapy place on health insurance or facilitate access to other forms of counselling (debt counselling, self-help groups).

This service is strictly confidential, anonymous and free of charge for TU Wien employees (not for students).

Personal counselling takes place by appointment via the Health Portal, opens an external URL in a new window at the IBG premises (Mariahilfer Straße 50/14, 1070 Vienna) or alternatively via ZOOM.

Ms Karin Brandstetter
Tel: 0699/108 701 80

Important information: If you are looking for psychotherapy places on a health insurance voucher, you can call the following hotline:

Association for Outpatient Psychotherapy 01-402 56 96.

Tip of the week

Have you always wanted to do something to relieve tension, stress or anger? But you don't have the time to do it yourself? The Tip of the Week shows you every Monday how you can simply do something for your health and well-being in between.

The TIPS of the week inform you about different topics of safety and health at work and motivate you to actively participate. Each tip can be integrated into everyday life without much effort.

You will receive tips for loosening up and relaxation exercises to make your everyday working life healthy and active. If you have any special topic requests that are of concern to you in connection with healthy and safe working, please do not hesitate to contact us. The colleagues of the IBG will also compile tips for desired topics. 

In this sense: Let's do something together for our health!

Register-Read-Do!, opens an external URL in a new window  Stay healthy!

Staff and student survey

Staff and student survey 2019

Starting places for the women's run 2024

Starting places for the women's run in Vienna will be awarded again this year on May 26th, 2024 on Women's Day (March 8th, 2024) as part of the women's breakfast.

Starting places for the Vienna City Marathon 2024 relay

This year 20 relay places were organized for the Vienna City Marathon on April 21, 2024. Do you have a team and would you like to be part of it? Please register as team captain by email to (announcing your fellow runners). You will receive more detailed information about the process from February 15, 2024.

Exclusive courses for TU Wien employees

TU employees have the opportunity to take part in courses organised exclusively for the TU in the immediate vicinity of the TU.

The courses, opens an external URL in a new window, an external URL opens in a new window of the current semester.

We are pleased to be able to offer you all another opportunity for a healthy life!

Cooperation mit Femme Fitness Wien, opens an external URL in a new window

The studio is approx. 900m2 in size and is spread over 3 floors
• a training area with various cardio and strength machines
• an aerobics room in which a daily changing course program (e.g. Zumba, yoga, abs-legs-butt, fat burners, spinning, Pilates and much more) takes place
• a power plate
• numerous training equipment
• a spacious cloakroom
• a shower area with shower gel available
• as well as a wellness area consisting of a relaxation zone, a sauna (80°C) and an infrared cabin

All of this is included in every one of our memberships. To ensure that every customer feels comfortable with us, we offer a wide range of conditions.
These can vary, for example, in the duration of the membership.
Company conditions for just €79 instead of €98 per month (can be canceled every 3 months with a 6-week notice period) • Annual service fee for €29.90
Flexi subscription € 98 per month, including an additional 14 days free (can be canceled monthly with a 4-week notice period)
• Annual service fee of €29.90

If you would like to do a trial training session, get a day ticket for €22. You don't need an appointment for this. Just come by and let reception know.

Only valid in conjunction with a service ID/student ID

Current offer , opens a file in a new window

Cooperation mit John Harris-Firmen Fitness, opens an external URL in a new window

current offer, opens a file in a new window for 2024

We offer a variety of different courses at our locations. These range from yoga, Pilates, step, dance, six-pack abs, special back training to relieve or prevent pain and your own weight loss programs, Tae Bo, Zumba to aqua fitness. All courses offered are included in the membership at no extra charge. Select your desired John Harris fitness location to see the full class schedule.

Consists of muscle building, losing weight, back fitness, endurance, group training, getting fit in old age, getting fit during pregnancy WELL BEING Consists of wellness and spa, mental health, healthy living, massage, solarium and anti-aging, outdoor areas and relaxation areas

Consists of training plan, personal training, equipment, body and health analysis, medical

One-off STARTING PACKAGE, including private training
SPECIAL TARIFF €90 instead of €190

CLUB FEE monthly, including courses and wellness
SPECIAL RATES depending on location (see homepage)

Access to all John Harris Fitness locations
START-PACKAGE one-off, incl. privat training - € 90 statt € 190
CLUB FEE monthly, incl. courses and wellness - € 124 statt € 149

GOLD MEMBERSHIP – Access to all John Harris Fitness locations including towel service
START PACKAGE one-off, including private training - € 90 instead of € 190
CLUB FEE monthly, including courses and wellness - € 139 instead of € 159

This offer also applies to your life partner!

Only valid in conjunction with a service ID/student ID

Cooperation with kangmei massage

TU employees with TU Card get -15% discount., opens an external URL in a new window


7 April 2022 was dedicated to health. TU Wien employees were invited to get information and inspiration on exciting health topics such as nutrition, exercise and motivation.

The digital and interactive health day offered a comprehensive programme on the topic of health and focused on exercise and nutrition as well as inputs for motivation and psyche. During the livestream, participants could actively ask questions, which were then taken up by the moderator and answered by the speakers. 

More information at, opens an external URL in a new window

The next Digital Health Day will take place on Wednesday, 29 March 2023. Be part of it!

More information will follow.

Gesund und Sicher Arbeiten

Unser aktuelles Kursangebot finden Sie unter der Kategorie "Gesund und Sicher Arbeiten" im TISS:, opens an external URL in a new window

Sollten Sie Fragen dazu haben, melden Sie sich bitte unter

Medizinische Leistungen

Für Fragen kontaktieren Sie bitte unsere Assistentin Fr. Götz telefonisch unter DW 400650 bzw. per E-Mail unter


Wir bieten allen Mitarbeiter_innen der TU Wien in Kooperation mit dem Arbeitsmedizinischen Zentrum / IBG  die Möglichkeit, Gesundenuntersuchungen im Haus durchführen zu lassen.

Die Anmeldung erfolgt über das Gesundheitsportal., opens an external URL in a new window


Die TU Wien bietet laufend Impfaktionen in Kooperation mit dem Arbeitsmedizinischen Dienst (AMD) der TU Wien an.

Der Arbeitsmedizinische Dienst übernimmt die Organisation und Durchführung. Die Zuschussverrechnung mit der Krankenkasse erfolgt direkt durch den AMD, wir benötigen dazu lediglich bei der Impfung Ihre Unterschrift bzgl. der Anspruchsübertragung.

Geimpft wird nach Terminkoordination in der Arbeitsmedizinischen Ordination Resselgasse 3, Stiege 2, EG rechts. Eine Impfung ist nur nach vorheriger Anmeldung über das Anmeldesystem, opens an external URL in a new window möglich.

Nur für Mitarbeiter_innen ohne eigenen PC ist eine Anmeldung über Fr. Götz (58801-400650) möglich! Sollten Sie noch weitere Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich bitte per Mail an

Psychologische Beratung

TU Mitarbeiter_innen haben die Möglichkeit, anonym und kostenlos eine Einzelberatung in der Arbeitspsychologischen Sprechstunde in Anspruch zu nehmen. 

Die Arbeitspsychologische Sprechstunde ist eine kurzfristige Intervention und keine langfristige Begleitung. Die Arbeitspsychologin kann Mitarbeiter_innen bei der Suche nach einem Psychotherapieplatz auf Krankenkasse unterstützen oder den Zugang zu anderen Beratungsformen (Schuldnerberatung, Selbsthilfegruppen) erleichtern.

Dieses Angebot ist streng vertraulich, anonym und kostenlos für Mitarbeiter_innen der TU Wien (nicht für Student_innen).

Die persönliche Beratung findet nach Terminvereinbarung über das Gesundheitsportal, opens an external URL in a new window in den Räumlichkeiten der IBG (Mariahilfer Straße 50/14, 1070 Wien) oder alternativ über ZOOM statt.

Fr. Mag. Karin Brandstetter


Tel: 0699/108 701 80


Wichtige Info: Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach Psychotherapieplätzen auf Krankenschein sind, können Sie bei folgender Hotline anfragen:

Verein für ambulante Psychotherapie 01-402 56 96

Tipp der Woche

Wollten Sie schon immer etwas gegen Verspannungen oder gegen Stress oder Ärger tun? Aber Ihnen fehlt selbst dazu die Zeit? Der Tipp der Woche zeigt Ihnen jeden Montag, wie man einfach zwischendurch etwas für die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden tun kann.

Die TIPPS der Woche informieren über verschiedene Themen der Sicherheit und Gesundheit am Arbeitsplatz und motivieren dazu aktiv mitzuwirken.

Jeder Tipp lässt sich ohne viel Aufwand in den Alltag integrieren.

Sie erhalten Hinweise für Lockerungs- und Entspannungsübungen, um Ihren Arbeitsalltag gesund und aktiv zu gestalten.

Sollten Sie spezielle Themenwünsche haben, die Ihnen im Zusammenhang mit gesundem und sicherem Arbeiten ein Anliegen sind, zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren. Die Kolleg_innen der IBG werden auch Tipps für Wunschthemen zusammenstellen.

In diesem Sinne: Tun wir gemeinsam etwas für unsere Gesundheit!

Eintragen–Lesen–Nachmachen |, opens an external URL in a new window  Bleiben Sie gesund !

Mitarbeiter_innenbefragung und Studierendenbefragung

Mitarbeiter_innen- und Studierendenbefragung 2019, opens an external URL in a new window

TU Talents Advent Calendar 2022

Dear colleagues,

we would like to cordially invite you to our Advent Calendar 2022, which has the motto:

YOU for TU - 16 talents open an Advent calendar door.

Every working day, one of our employees will open a door for us and entertain us with his or her talent for 15 minutes.

Look forward to seeing some familiar and some not so familiar faces and let us surprise you with what you will see, hear or experience.

We look forward to seeing you in our joint Advent calendar lunch break on ZOOM:

  •     Every weekday from 1.12. - 23.12.2022 from 12.00 - 12.15 p.m. respectively.
  •     Meeting ID: 965 6978 0222

All TU talents will receive a small thank you gift. The person with the most viewers will also win a prize. So please do a lot of promotion for your favourite TU talent!

On 2.12. we will also raffle a prize among all viewers. Good luck!

For further details on the program, see the German page. Thanks.

With pre-Christmas greetings,

Your Advent Calendar Team from Human Resources Development