Assistant professor - tenure track

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Why offers for career position holders?

You have passed a tough selection process, were the best of over a hundred applicants and have now actually achieved the goal of an academic career. You are optimally qualified in your subject area and top-notch in your didactic skills, but what about group leadership and HR management?

With our offers, we would like to accompany excellent scientists towards their new task as leaders at TU Wien and help them clear the TU jungle a little.

Arriving at TU Wien

You come from a non-German-speaking country, do not (yet) speak German well enough and are not yet familiar with the TU Wien organisation. Getting to know colleagues and experts at TU Wien offers help and advice in the form of workshops and expert talks, all in English.

Support for your own career

The Human Resources Development advises individually how to get to a suitable German course, how to get a certified project management degree or which leadership seminars are useful for you.

There are also some annual workshops in English for career colleagues only, focusing on your own role and communication as a (prospective) leader with others.


  • Modular one-year offer to all assistant professors, starting each September
  • 3 hour kick off
  • Expert talks with TUW internal experts /zoom sessions
  • Workshops
  • Coaching offer


Each years' cohort of newly appointed Assistant professors with a tenure track position get invited by the HR Development Department by email to learn about the offers. Based on these information you decide which parts you would like to join. If you are interested or need more information in between the annual cycle, please contact Helga Gartner.