Picture of Annamaria

I am an OnlineMentor because the start of studies can be bumpy from time to time and with my current experience I would like to make it easier for new students.


mentor architecture

Picture of Kristina


I am an OnlineMentor because I know from my own experience how complicated the start of studies can be and which ups and downs await you along the road. I am happy to pass on my experience as a computer scientist and I am there for you if you have questions or simply need encouraging and motivating words!


mentor computer science

Picture of Veronika


I am an OnlineMentor, because the changeover from highschool to university was a challenge for me as well and I was very happy to have received support from experienced students. I look forward to helping you!


mentor chemistry

Picture of Ingrid

I'm an OnlineMentor because I found the beginning difficult, and I know that a contact person can be very helpful in getting rid of questions and uncertainties. That's why I want to help new students to convince them that a degree in engineering is just the thing!


mentor mechanical engineering

Picture of Jenny


I'm an OnlineMentor because I can say from personal experience that starting a course can be very confusing. For this reason, I would like to help with advice to make the beginning easier.


mentor electrical engineering