picture Petra Ianu


What I have grasped during my study experience is how important it is to communicate with the other fellow students, especially in the beginning. I was lucky enough to have my contact persons to talk to and guide me through. My goal as a mentor is precisely to become fill in this role and guide the beginners throughout their process.


mentor architecture

Picture of Lydia


Picture of Veronika


I am an OnlineMentor, because the changeover from highschool to university was a challenge for me as well and I was very happy to have received support from experienced students. I look forward to helping you!


mentor chemistry

Picture of Ingrid


I'm an OnlineMentor because I found the beginning difficult, and I know that a contact person can be very helpful in getting rid of questions and uncertainties. That's why I want to help new students to convince them that a degree in engineering is just the thing!


mentor mechanical engineering

Picture of Maja


The reason why I am an OnlineMentor, is because for me personally mentors helped my a lot, not only at the beginning, but also before choosing my studies. Whether Students have questions or doubts to share, I want to be a Mentor who you can always turn to.


mentor electrical engineering

Picture Sophie Spanlang


I'm an online mentor to support you on your exciting way to becoming a spatial planner at TU Wien. Especially at the beginning of your studies, you might have questions or feel uncertain about things in your programme. In my opinion it's always good to have someone to turn to - and that's who I want to be for you!


mentor spatial planning

picture of Julia


I am an online mentor because I want to encourage schoolgirls and female students to forge their own path, whatever their background. I went to a "Realgymnasium", which meant that I often felt like a "second-class student". To counteract this, I would like to offer help and advice to schoolgirls and female students.


mentor physics

picture of Johanna


I am an online mentor so that I can answer all your questions about your mathematics degree course. I know from experience that when you are just starting out, everything can quickly get too much for you, so I would be happy to assist you on your journey into the world of mathematics!


mentor mathematics

picture of Lisa


I like being an online mentor because I also got a lot of help and some tips about studying at the beginning of my studies and now I want to share my knowledge with other women as well.


mentor civil engineering