Archive functions

Maintaining, preserving, restoring and safeguarding the archive holdings.
Acquiring records and other items worthy of archiving from TU facilities.
Developing the archive holdings by creating search tools.

Providing documents to administrative bodies on request.
Providing internal information.
Involvement in the planning of records management if relevant to archive services.
Assisting administration and management staff by delivering requested documents in an orderly fashion.

Responding to enquiries about the institution’s history and individuals at TU Wien.
User support: advising on the choice of appropriate material to examine and present a problem.
Users will also be given help to liaise with other information centres if necessary.
Loaning out archive materials for exhibitions.

Acquiring assets and other items relating to TU Wien’s history, to the university’s teaching staff or graduates, and its teaching and research.

Curating exhibitions and publications incorporating archive materials.

...into institutional, scientific and technological history.

Observing and implementing new trends in the field of archive technology and management.
Keeping abreast of pertinent legislation, collaborating with experts from other national and international archives.