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From Mediaeval History to Solar Energy

Statement by Victoria Keogh, ETIA13 - Class of 2021

Victoria Keogh

Victoria Keogh, ETIA13 - Class of 2021

"In 2014, I began studying for a bachelor’s degree in Mediaeval History with the hopes of becoming an archivist. By 2021, I am graduating from the ETIA program with a full-time position at a solar energy company. By the end of my bachelor’s, I knew I wanted to do something more STEM-related, but was worried about finding a program which would accept me and allow me to learn any math or science that I may have missed as a liberal arts undergraduate. 

The MSc program Environmental Technology & International Affairs was perfect. The first year at the Diplomatic Academy leaned into what I was familiar with by focusing on International Relations, History, Economics and Law. The second year at the Technical University offered courses that provided a much-needed introduction to subjects such as math, physics and chemistry. The pace of the courses was fast, but I, at no point, felt that the material was going over my head, or was out-of-reach for someone who comes from an arts background. Moreover, I was able to spend two years living in a beautiful, fun and exciting city with a great student life. Whether you like dancing at balls, finding your favorite Kaffeehaus, or going for a swim in the Donau, there is something in Vienna for everybody. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time during the ETIA program, and I have it to thank for helping me find a job in the field even before graduating. I would highly recommend it to any prospective students - and to those coming from an arts background - I can assure you, there is nothing to fear!"

Victoria Keogh, ETIA13 - Class of 2021


The interdisciplinary MSc Environmental Technology & International Affairs is a joint program of the TU Wien and the Diplomatic Academy Vienna. This pioneering project enables graduates to understand and analyze the relevant scientific and technical issues, while at the same time providing them with a sound knowledge of international affairs. Learn more at, opens an external URL in a new window