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Film tip: 70 Years of Siedlung Siemensstraße - Contemporary Witnesses in Conversation

The Sociology Research Unit points out a recent short film on social housing and urban development in the postwar period

Section of a street of the housing estate Siemensstraße

© Bwag

In the winter semester 2020, a short film on social housing and urban development in the post-war period was produced at the Sociology Research Unit: "70 Jahre Siemensstraße - Zeitzeug*innen erzählen". The filmmakers Fidelia Gartner and Niklas Ruby portray residents of the housing estate "Siemensstraße" in Vienna Floridsdorf. Their recordings reflect impressions from 70 years of neighborhood life and address socio-cultural change processes with a view to social urban development in Vienna.

The video was shot as part of the focus seminar "Neighborhoods in Transition" under the direction of Julia Edthofer and Bettina Prokop in cooperation with wohnpartner. The concrete occasion was the exhibition Terra Nova. 70 Jahre Siedlung Siemensstraße in Floridsdorf, a cooperation project of Wien Museum, wohnpartner Gebiet21 and the Department of Housing Research and International Relations (MA 50).

The short film is available online via the exhibition documentation of wohnpartner, opens an external URL in a new window.