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Coronavirus – Update: FFP2 mask recommended

Urgent recommendation to wear FFP2 masks at TU Wien.

[Translate to English:] TUW-Hauptgebäude im Hintergrund. Text: Covid-Update:21.04.2022

Wearing an FFP2 mask is still an effective action of protecting yourself and others from coronavirus infection. Therefore, we urgently recommend to wear a FFP2 mask at TU Wien from now on, taking care of each other:

  • In public areas (corridors, courtyards, staircases, elevators, etc.) where several people come together.
  • During lectures or exams in the teaching room.
  • During meetings or other events and gatherings.

Safety distance to other persons and hygiene measures are also still advisable during attendance at the TU Wien.

Existing, approved safety concepts for special teaching situations (e.g. laboratory practicals) remain valid.