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Corona-Update: Master programmes

Outlook for Master's programmes winter semester 2021/22.

[Translate to English:] TUW Hauptgebäude. Text: Covid19-Update, 11.06.21

The winter semester 2021/22 is a transition semester in which we will begin to gradually switch to face-to-face teaching. Due to the current distance rules and also the limited capacities due to the security renovation at Karlsplatz, as well as the unpredictable infection situation in autumn, the coming semester will be planned as a hybrid semester. This means that large lectures will continue to be held online.

Since Master's students in the first semesters are also disadvantaged by Covid-19 and have also hardly been able to attend any face-to-face courses for 3 semesters, teachers of Master's courses will be given the opportunity to hold face-to-face lectures with increased priority. This applies above all to courses of the types "excursion", "exercise" and "seminar", as the group sizes are manageable here and presence is important for didactic reasons. This makes interactivity possible again and gives students the opportunity to get to know each other, to exchange ideas and to get into direct contact with their lecturers.

At the end of next week, teachers will receive details on reactivation phase II of the courses (from 1 July 2021) in a separate mailing from the Service Unit of Central room management for teaching and learning.

Personal exchange and discourse, which only works when people are present, are very important. I hope that the path we have taken can be successfully continued together.