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Three men in the lab: From left: Georg Schitter, Philipp Thurner and Mathis Nalbach

Researchers at TU Wien have developed a novel method that is suitable for the mechanical tensile testing of micro and nanofibres. The special feature: Samples can be…

dark lab with experimental equipment
© Laurent Thion, ILL

An old "flaw" of the famous double-slit experiment has now been corrected at TU Wien in a cooperation with Hiroshima University: A single neutron moves along two paths…

large metal construction in a concrete wall
© Matthias Heisler

One of the world’s most powerful cable testing facilities has now been put into operation at TU Wien (Vienna). Using a completely new technique, it measures within hours what…

computer generated picture of the surface

At TU Wien (Vienna), it was now possible to explain how a chemical reaction takes place that, at first glance, should not be possible at the temperatures observed.

Robot dog Spot stands on all fours and looks into the camera.
© Theresa Aichinger-Fankhauser

Boston Dynamics Spot® is the newest member of staff at TU Wien Informatics. The agile robot will assist in various research collaborations.