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Constanze Roedig
© BThomasHart Photography / Who is Danny,

Austria receives large EU-Grant to enable hosting interactive environments for collaborating and sharing high-performance-compute codes on GCP via the European Open Science…

Bernhard Bayer
© Bernhard Fickl

Disorder can have its advantages: Bernhard C. Bayer will produce "high-entropy materials” as thin 2D layers. For this project, he is now receiving an ERC Consolidator Grant.

four people in the lab

A well-known mineral is once again the center of attention thanks to applications in electronics: the Vienna University of Technology shows that mica still has surprises in…

Luftaufnahme des TUW-Hauptgebäudes mit Hinweis auf die Betriebsbeschränkung vom 17.12.22 bis 8.1.23
© TU Wien| Foto Matthias Heisler

The TU Wien will implement a restriction of operations from Saturday, 17 December 2022 to Sunday, 8 January 2023.

spherical atoms, one of them marked with a thermometer

Two seemingly different areas of physics are related in subtle ways: Quantum theory and thermodynamics. How chaos theory mediates between them has now been studied at TU Wien.…