The group is engaged in powdermetallurgy of steel and nonferrous powder components. The main focus of research are:

  • advanced materials for powder metallurgical steels
  • process analytics of powder metallurgical steel to give a deeper understanding of the sintering process
  • sintering of aluminium alloys
  • metal injection molding of special materials (e.g. magnetic materials, aluminium alloys)
  • ultra-high-cycle fatigue of PM material (tool steels and hard metals)

The group is working in close collaboration with academic partners (e.g. within the research group of Höganäs chair) or national and international industrial partners (MIBA Sinter Austria GmbH, BASF, Ecka Granules Germany GmbH).

European Projects recently completed:

- Sintering Behavior in Steels containing New Alloying Systems “SINT-NAS”

FWF Lise Meitner Projects:

- Tailoring the Properties of Novel Sintered Materials