12:00 to 12:30

Registration & Beverages and Finger Food

12:30 to 12:35

Opening and Addresses of Welcome

Hinrich Grothe


22nd April 2023 Technical Developments


12:35 to 12:50

Validation experiments for ice nucleation instruments

Larissa Lacher

12:50 to 13:05

Application of bioaerosol analysis to develop a protocol that can prevent future health problems

Beatriz Sánchez-Parra

13:05 to 13:20

Temperature sensitivity of ice nucleating particles in biological and atmospheric samples

Heike Wex

13:20 to 13:35

Exploiting Ultrasonic Levitation to Unravel the Photochemical Processing of Single Ice Crystals and Supercooled Droplets

Ralf Kaiser

13:35 to 14:20

Technical Developments: Group work and plenary discussion

14:20 to 14:35

Coffee break



 22nd April 2023 Laboratory Studies

14:35 to 14:50

Subpollen particles, other particulate emissions and resuspension of aerosol particles from birch catkins

Markus Tischberger

14:50 to 15:05

Exploring the identification of plant fragments by combining fluorescence measurements with holographic images

Julia Burkart

15:05 to 15:20

Investigation of the ice nucleation properties of birch pollen

Ellen Backus

15:20 to 15:35

The efflorescence-deliquescence behavior of saliva droplets and its implication for viability of airborne microorganisms

Yue Meng

15:35 to 15:50

Water-organizing motif continuity is critical for potent ice nucleation protein activity

Yinon Rudich

15:50 to 16:35

Lab Studies: Groupwork and plenary discussion

16:35 to 16:50

Coffee break


 22nd April 2023 INPs from the field

16:50 to 17:05

Birch and Pine Forests are Massive Reservoirs of Biological Ice-nucleating Macromolecules

Florian Reyzek

17:05 to 17:20

The size distribution of ice-nucleating particles in fertile soils from the UK

Kathleen Thompson

17:20 to 17:35

Physicochemical properties of charcoal aerosols derived from biomass pyrolysis affect their ice-nucleating abilities at cirrus and mixed-phase cloud conditions

Fabian Mahrt

17:35 to 18:50

The Partitioning Processes of Sea Ice Associated Marine Ice Nucleation Particles Impacting the Arctic Clouds.

Lasse Jensen

17:50 to

Poor ability of bioaerosols to act as cloud-condensation nuclei may suppress their ice nucleation potential in mixed-phase clouds

Tina Šantl Temkiv

18:05 to 18:50

INPs from the field: Groupwork and plenary discussion

18:50 to 21:30

Warm Buffet and Beverages

 23rd April 2023 Bioaerosols from the field

9:00 to 9:15

Analysis of online measured single aerosol particle fluorescence spectra during the AQABA research cruise around the Arabian Peninsula

Tobias Könemann

9:15 to 9:30

Rainfall effects on vertical profiles of airborne fungi over a mixed land-use context at the Brazilian Atlantic Forest biodiversity hotspot

Mauricio Mantoani

9:30 to 9:45

Bioaerosols in the Finish sub-Arctic during the PaCE22 campaign

Jürgen Gratzl

9:45 to 10:00

Representation of bioaerosols in chemistry transport models

Roland Schrödner

10:00 to 10:15

Bioaerosols in Northern Alaska are Highly Influenced by Ocean and Terrestrial Sources

Marina Nieto-Calallero


Dust particles as a protective environment for bacteria long range transport

Naama Lang-Yona

10:30 to 11:15

Bioaerosols from the field: Group work and plenary discussion

11:15 to 11:30

Coffee break


 23rd April 2023 Marine Environment


11:30 to 11:45

Linking Sea Spray, Bioaerosols and Ice-Nucleation Proteins in Arctic Marine Environments

Christian Ditlev Funder Castenschiold

11:45 to 12:00

Airborne algicidal bacteria may control phytoplankton cell fate in the oceanic blooms

Michel Flores

12:00 to 12:15

Spatial Variability and Composition of Ice Nucleating Particles over the Southern Ocean

Kathryn Moore

12:15 to 12:30

Pronounced Biogenic Sources of Ice Nucleating Particles (INPs) over the Eurasian Arctic Ocean

Guangyu Li

12:30 to 13:15

Marine Environment: Groupwork and plenary discussion

13:15 to 14:00

Beverages and Finger Food

 End of Workshop