Mechanical Response of Materials

Our main field of interest is investigation of the mechanical properties of materials with special focus on their fatigue response. We develop innovative mechanical testing methods and set-ups to study the reliability, microstructural degradation, crack initiation and failure mechanisms of materials based on fundamental principles of material science and finite element simulations.

Testing equipment and set-ups

  • Ultrasonic resonance fatigue testing systems, working at 20 kHz and 36 kHz, including the following testing configurations and set-ups:
  • Symmetrical tension-compression loading mode for gigacycle fatigue testing of various bulk samples
  • Dynamic three and four point bending loading set-up for fatigue testing and crack growth measurements of brittle composite materials and multilayered structures
  • Optical system and software for crack growth rate measurements / determination of stress intensity factors
  • Set-up for high cycle fatigue testing of miniaturized specimens
  • Air and water cooling systems and testing at elevated temperatures are available 
  • BAMFIT Tester (Bondtec Accelerated Mechanical Fatigue Interconnection Test) 
  • Dynamic set-up for thin film delamination
  • Acoustic Emission system for non-destructive failure detection, Xarion Eta 100 ultra membrane free optical microphone with QASS Optimizer 4D
  • Piezoelectric shaker systems (various types working in pull-push and shear modes)  operating up to ~ 100 kHz
  • Ultrasonic transducer for non-contact excitation / modal analysis of small parts
  • Electromagnetic shaker systems operating up to ~ 10 kHz
  • Differential Laser Doppler Vibrometers type Polytec CLV 1000, set-up for 3D vibration measurements available
  • Micro-tensile machines with load capacities in the range of 1N to 1000N, suitable for determination of tensile properties and low cycle fatigue tests of small-scaled samples, jigs for 3 and 4 point bending test, testing at elevated temperatures possible
  • Tensile machine with load capability up to 5000N   
  • Bond shear and pull tester
  • Laser speckle extensometers for non-contact strain measurements: gauge length from ~ 0.5mm up to 40mm
  • Laser speckle interferometer for thermal strain measurements
  • Soldering reflow furnace
  • Thermal chamber for heat treatment