Curriculum Vitae

Shaghayegh received her master's degree in organic chemistry from Kharazmi University in Tehran in 2008, with a focus on the synthesis and characterization of novel thermally stable Poly (ether-amide)s. She worked in the industry for 5 years as a Quality Control manager after completing her master's degree. She then moved to TU Wien in Austria to begin her PhD in the Molecular Materials Chemistry group. She obtained her Doctor of Natural Science degree in April 2022. The topic of her dissertation was Metal-Organic Frameworks for Environmental Applications, such as Photocatalysis and Water Purification.  She then continued as a postdoctoral researcher in the Eder group since May 2022 until now.

Shaghayegh’s research interests revolve around synthesis and characterization of MOFs for different applications. She has developed a strategy called selective ligand removal (e.g. via selective oxidation, thermal degradation or dissolution) to design novel hierarchical microporous-mesoporous MOFs that facilitate reactant diffusion as well as induce uncoordinated centres as potential catalytic sites for photocatalytic applications and conversion efficiency for H2 formation and CO2 reduction and new adsorbent sites for water purification. She also has introduced a strategy to increase the water stability of the MOFs in aquatic media.  Both strategies provide a new tool for the purposeful engineering of hierarchical MOFs with advanced applicability in liquid media.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Conferences and talks

  • Invited speaker at 2022 Annual Nanotechnology conference - Sep. 5-7, 2022, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 6th International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials – Mar. 2019, Sitges, Spain
    Improved Accessibility of Active Sites in Hierarchical MOFs by Selective Ligand Removal for Advancing Heterogeneous Photocatalysis

Assistant in Advanced ceramics and electrochemistry Lab Course

Co-Supervisor for internships

  • Hanna Trizesniowski, 01.04.2019 – 12.04.2019
    Characterization and photocatalytic properties of MIL-101-Fe and MIL-125-Ti 
  • Alois Rottensteiner, 20.07.2020 – 04.09.2020
    Synthesis of Titanium-based Metal Organic Frameworks and investigating their use in dark photocatalytic systems for the hydrogen evolution reaction
  • Stefan Höfler, 01.03.2021 – 30.03.2021
    MIL-125: use of nitro and bromo substituted ligands
  • Paul Schweng, 29.03.2022 – 15.03.2022
    Selective ligand removal to improve photocatalytic performance of mixed-ligand MOFs xNH2-MIL-101-Fe
  • Zahra Ardestani, 14.03.2022 – 30.06.2022
    Synthesis and characterization of Al-fumarate metal-organic framework for water sorption properties
  • Jana Bischoff, 16.08.2022 – 31.10.2022
    Selective ligand removal strategy on NH2-MIL-101-Fe metal-organic framework for effective photocatalytic degradation and adsorption of organic dyes.
  • Elif Kahraman, 14.11.2022 – 15.12.2022
    Synthesis and characterizations of mixed-ligand UiO-66 for adsorption and photodegradation of organic dyes
  • Jana Bischoff, 01.11.2022 - present
    Photocatalysis conversion of nitrogen to ammonia using metal-organic frameworks
  • Florian Gregor, 28.07.2023 – 05.09.2023
    Mixed-metal MIL-101 MOFs for photocatalytic conversion of nitrogen to ammonia
  • Elias Lagger, 04.08.2023 – 30.09.2023
    Mixed Ligand UiO-67 for photo/electro catalysis of CO2 reduction
Photocatalysis water splitting reaction using MOFs as semiconductor

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Photocatalysis water splitting reaction using MOFs as semiconductor

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