Winter Plasma 2022

Poster Presentation Award

Scientific Poster with partner logos, title, authors and the sections introduction, set-up, instrumentation, experimental, results, outlook, acknowledgments and contact.

© Jakob Willner

Willner et al.: Humidity and temperature dependence of the Sulfur uptake behaviour of different polymers examined via LA-ICP-MS depth profile measurements

AOFKA 2021

2nd Best Poster Award

Scientific Poster containing logos, title, author information and the sections introduction, experimental, results and discussion, conclusion and contact.

© Maximilian Weiss

Weiss et al.: LIBS analysis of Fluorine in solid samples via measurement of
molecular emission bands

Winter Plasma 2020

Poster Presentation Award

Scientific Poster containing partner logos, title, affiliations and sections introduction, experimental, results, conclusion and outlook, contact and acknowledgments

© Lukas Brunnbauer

Brunnbauer et al.: Matrix independent quantification of trace elements in polymers using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Oral presentations