Illustration of a rhodium nanocrystal

Sometimes, chemical reactions do not solely run stationary in one direction, but they show spatio-temporal oscillations. At TU Wien, a transition to…

Photograph of Bernhard Bayer

Disorder can have its advantages: Bernhard C. Bayer will produce "high-entropy materials” as thin 2D layers. For this project, he is now receiving an…

[Translate to English:] Konzept der korrelativen Mikroskopie und LEEM Bild der Wasserstoff Oxidation auf Rhodium.

Rupprechter´s group and FHI Berlin succeeded in monitoring a catalytic reaction on a defined catalyst surface with three different microscopies under…

Portraits of the four researchers: Bernhard C. Bayer, Dominik Eder, Kenan Elibol, Toma Susi.

Viennese researchers led by Bernhard C. Bayer have succeeded in anchoring single atoms on carrier materials. The new method was presented in ACS Nano.

Image of a surface created with a scanning photon microscope

A surprising discovery: A catalyst seems to contradict usual laws and can exhibit completely different activity states at the same time.