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Paid Master thesis: Crystallization Experiments with Flavonoid Metabolism Enzymes

Protein structure model of the dihydroflovonol 4-reductase enzyme.

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Structure model

Structure model of the dihydroflavonol 4-reductase with the substrate


Flavonoids are one of the most important secondary metabolites in plants. For the elucidation of e.g. structure-function relationships the knowledge of the three-dimensional structure of flavonoid metabolism enzymes is crucial. The method of choice is protein crystallography, which requires the availability of crystals suitable for X-ray crystallographic studies.


Experimental research on growing protein crystals from different flavonoid metabolism enzymes, including protocol optimization. Provision of pure crystals suitable for further X-ray crystallography.

Your Profile:

master student (m/f/d) of chemistry/biology; interested in secondary metabolites, molecular biology and biochemistry; previous experience with protein handling is a plus; independent working

Salary:  approx. € 1.000 per month (net)
Duration: 6 month, 40 h per week
Start date: between 1.5. and 1.11.2023
Lab location: 90 % Althanstraße, 10 % Getreidemarkt
Supervisor: Assoc.Prof. H. Halbwirth, TU Wien
Research Group Phytochemistry and Biochemistry of Natural Compounds