[Translate to English:] Harvestore power on your fingertips (picture of microelectrodes as the background)

Research focus of our team

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Current Research Status

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Project Timeline


[Translate to English:] POL 2022 Meeting


Young scientist award at "The Power of Interfaces" Meeting in Mallorca

[Translate to English:] Picture of the presentation of one of our researchers

Dr. Alexander Schmid is presenting the harvestorer concept (oxygen ion battery meets high temperature thin film solar cell)

[Translate to English:] Gruppenbild Workshop London 2020


Project meeting und -workshop in London

[Translate to English:] Besuch im IMEC 2020

Visit of the IMEC in Leuven

[Translate to English:] Gruppenbild Kickoff Meeting Harvestore


Kickoff Meeting in Barcelona

Project Partners


Schematic of the project partners within the Harvestore Project


https://harvestore.eu/, opens an external URL in a new window


  • IREC (Catalonia Institute for Energy Research)
  • DTU (Technical University of Denmark)
  • IMEC (Interuniversitariar microelectronica centrum)
  • CSCI (Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas)
  • ICL (Imperial College London)
  • CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research)
  • CU (Coventry University)