Owing to the need of answering complicated scientific questions, we need novel experimental approaches to establish and test fundamental concepts to deeper understand solid state electrochemistry.

To expand the horizon of the measurable we want to draw new pictures of the elementary processes by (i) combining different experimental and measurement techniques in new ways (ii) develop new In-Situ and Operando measurement techniques (iii) invent novel all solid state sample geometries (iv) improve and expand the capabilities of existing measurement techniques.

For all these new experimental approaches, new test stations are developed and constructed. This is a small summary of some novel developed experimental setups and there capabilities:

  • By expanding the pulsed laser deposition and magnetron sputter chambers with electrical test interfaces, the electrochemical properties of a just forming cell can be monitored in real time. Additionally we directly investigate the influence of the plasma plume illuminated light on the sample cell can be studied.
  • Current voltage measurements are combined with isotope tracer exchange experiments to optically and quantitatively observe the current flow in complex 3D nano-structures.
  • Multiple microelectrodes are measured fully automated in symmetrically heated high temperature furnaces for weeks or investigated without adverse temperature gradients.
  • Effect of light (UV-VIS) are studied on thin films and single crystal while the electrochemical properties or the weight change of the illuminated specimen is monitored in-situ.
  • To study the effect of oxygen environment a versatile oxygen pump was developed to change the oxygen partial pressures from the mbar range to 10^-20 mbar in a view minutes.
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