Joint Project I-6593, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the Slovenian Research Agency (ARIS)

Funding period 11/2023 - 10/2026



In this international project, we aim to develop new materials and techniques suitable for the generation of porous ceramics with magnetic heating capability, which can eventually be used in chemical conversion processes. By combining filament-based 3D printing with specific polymers which can subsequently be converted into ceramic materials, it is not only possible to drastically increase the freedom in parts design, but also to introduce additional functionalities such as magnetic nanoparticles, which can be selectively heated by the application of a magnetic field. This will eventually allow an on-demand, energy-efficient, and decentralized operation e.g. of catalytic reactors.

The international consortium involved in this project consists of research teams at TU Wien and JKU Linz (Austria) as well as at Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana (Slovenia).


Project team

Principal investigators

Dr. Thomas Konegger (TU Wien, Austria, PI)

Dr. Milan Kracalik (JKU Linz, Austria, national project partner)

Dr. Aljaž Iveković (Institut Jožef Stefan, Slovenia, PI)


Project team members at TU Wien

Mussadiq Shah (PhD student, since 01/2024 - TU Wien)



Journal articles



Project activities

02/2024 Kick-Off-Meeting in Vienna
01/2024 Mussadiq Shah joins the project team - welcome!
11/2023 Official project start