About university didactics consulting

Workshops delivered to large groups are not the ideal format for all areas to be covered.

With that in mind, TU Wien also offers its teaching staff the option of counselling on higher education teaching.

Counselling on higher education teaching is ideal for...

  • Offering targeted support to teaching staff on a one-to-one basis
  • Reflecting on specific questions or issues relating to practical elements of teaching
  • Working out possible solutions

Counselling on higher education teaching includes...

  • Guided reflection
  • Specific feedback
  • Inspiration relating to higher education teaching

The benefits you will gain from counselling on higher education teaching are... 

  • New teaching methods
  • Solutions tailored to you
  • Targeted use of teaching resources
  • An appropriate common theme with an arc of suspense
  • Improved teaching and learning environment
  • More variety in your teaching
  • Progression in your own role as a member of teaching staff
  • Quality assurance for your own teaching

The following questions are examples of the content you could cover in a teaching counselling session with the counsellor of your choice:

  • Which methods can I use to encourage my students to get involved/ask questions?
  • How can I deal with disparate existing knowledge demonstrated by my students?
  • What can I do to support my students in their sustainable learning?
  • How can I match the content I teach to the examination format?
  • I would like to give my class an overhaul – who can help me? 
  • I am planning to create a new class – who can I talk to about my plans?
  • I have received negative feedback from my students (e.g. on class feedback forms filled in by students) – how do I deal with it? etc.

 You also have the option of inviting your counsellor to attend your class or asking them to review your teaching/examination materials to get an external opinion on your teaching.


You can choose between one-to-one counselling and counselling for a teaching team.

Counselling on higher education teaching is optional for teaching staff.


As a general rule, the counselling process takes between one and six hours depending on the issues, questions and objectives covered (counselling for teaching teams will last for somewhere between half a day and two days).


The costs will be taken care of by TU Wien (if covered by the budget).


All concerns raised and content covered during counselling sessions will be treated as strictly confidential.

If you are interested in counselling on higher education teaching, please feel free to send us an email to: hochschuldidaktik@tuwien.ac.at. There is also the option of having your counselling session conducted in English. We will be more than happy to provide you with further details or answer any questions you may have.


Here you can find the short profiles of our highly qualified external advisors.
Please select the expert you would like to consult with and list them in your request.