For a large number of young researchers in the field of mechanics (solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, material mechanics, micro and nanomechanics, biomechanics, environmental mechanics, mechatronics, etc. and related fields), the CISM in Udine has represented a significant step in their journey towards obtaining a doctoral degree, a post-doctoral qualification or other scientific objectives.

For an impressive number of renowned scientists, the CISM has, for more than 40 years, been a place to pass on knowledge to highly motivated young people and a place of scientific exchange among groups of expert colleagues, with whom they design their CISM course (summer school).

All of this takes place in an atmosphere that is especially conducive to these objectives: 
Palazzo del Torso, located in Udine’s historic old town.

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Participants in CISM courses can expect to be taught the latest knowledge at the highest scientific level by internationally renowned experts in courses selected and quality-checked by the Scientific Council of the CISM.

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Course recognition

Advanced CISM courses are recognised as a component of doctoral programmes at an increasing number of major European universities.

A few examples include:

  • ‘International Graduate School of Science and Engineering’ (IGSSE) at the Technical University of Munich
  • France:
    • Ecole doctorale sciences pratiques (EDSP), Cachan
    • Physique, Modélisation et Sciences pour l’Ingénieur (PMSI), Marseille,
    • La Physique de la Particule à la Matière Condensée (P2MC), Paris (Pierre et Marie Curie)
  • Italy:
    • University of Padua
    • Politecnico Milano
  • The Netherlands:
    • Research Schools Burgers-Centre (Fluid)
    • Engineering Mechanics School (Solid)

The Austrian Universities Act 2002 also offers students at TU Wien the opportunity to gain credits from CISM courses in their doctoral programmes (the respective Dean of Studies should be contacted with regard to this).