Deadlines for the Programme-PRe-Phase for the winter semester 2024

Application period: April 1, 2024 to September 5, 2024

Please note that you must also have completed your Programme-PRe-Phase by then. Please note that admission is only possible in person from July 8, 2024 to September 12, 2024 at the Admissions Office. Admission to a Bachelor's Programme after the general admission period (continuation period until October 31,2024) is only possible in legally stipulated exceptional cases.

Registration for the Programme-PRe-Phase takes place during the online application process in the TU's own campus software TISS, opens an external URL in a new window. Prospective students can create a TISS guest account there and register for the study VoR phase of the desired Bachelor's degree programme.

The Programme-PRe-Phase of the Bachelor's Programme "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology" begins with an online survey on the planned choice of programme. The online survey serves as a self-assessment of the applicants regarding their motivation to choose the Bachelor's degree Programme in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. It is intended to lead to a deeper engagement with the requirements and framework conditions of the degree programme and reflection on one's own interests. This stage of the study pre-assessment phase is completed when the study pre-assessment has been carried out in full; the result achieved is not taken into account any further in the procedure. 

The second part of the Programme-PRe-Phase is an online feedback on the level of knowledge. Here, several knowledge areas are tested, namely basics of mathematics, basics of technology and science, estimation tasks, and logical thinking. This knowledge test provides feedback on relevant topics and is adapted to the specific needs of the Bachelor's degree programme in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

This procedure does not serve as a ranking or admission procedure, but is purely a support for the choice of study programme.

A detailed description can be found in the FAQ.

The result of the Programme-PRe-Phase is intended to support the choice of Bachelor's Programme. In addition to fulfilling the other admission requirements according to § 63 UG, admission to the degree programme requires completion of the study pre-review phase, but not a specific result of the same.

The administration of the Programme-PRe-Phase is carried out electronically; the Admissions Office can call up the proof of fulfilment as part of the admission process.

The fully completed Programme-PRe-Phase is valid for the period of three academic years (6 semesters). If changes are made to the procedure within this period, the Programme-PRe-Phase is still considered to have been completed. After this period, the Programme-PRe-Phase must be completed again in full.