Tuition fee

At all public universities in Austria tuition fee has to be paid by the students. As a result of the statutory provisions, however, the tuition fee in degree programmes for Austrian and EU nationals must be paid after the duration of the degree programme stipulated in the curriculum is exceeded, plus two tolerance semesters. This means that in the bachelor's degree program from the 9th semester, in the Master's Programme from the 7th semester and in the doctoral program also from the 9th semester the tuition fee must be paid to continue the degree programme.

Non-degree students and non-EU nationals are subject to regular study fees from the first semester.

Amount of the tuition fee

The tuition fee is regular € 363.36 per semester or € 726.72 per semester for non-EU nationals. In addition to the respective tuition fee, the ÖH fee including insurance has to be paid each semester. The tuition fee has to be paid for the first-time admission to a degree programme during the admission period and for the continued enrolment every semester within the continuation period. The admission and the continued enrolment of the studies are only completed with the payment of the tuition fee.


Exemption, waiver and repayment of tuition fees

Temporary and general exemption


Waiver of tuition fee

Münzen am Tisch

Repayment of tuition fee

Geldscheine unter einer Lupe

Non-degree Students

Non-degree Students

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