ÖH fee (students' union fee)

When you are admitted to a study programme at TU Wien, you not only become a member of TU Wien, but also a member of the Austrian Student Union (ÖH), the legal representation of students' interests. Membership of the ÖH is compulsory. The students' union fee - the so-called ÖH fee - must be paid for the first-time admission to a study programme during the admission period and for the continued registration of the study programme every semester within the continuation period. Admission and continued enrolment are only completed once the ÖH fee has been paid.

If the ÖH fee is not paid on time, no admission or continuation will be granted. If you do not enrol during the continuation period, your admission will expire and you will automatically be deregistered from your studies.


The ÖH fee is not part of the tuition fee and must be paid by all students every semester without exception, even if a waiver of the tuition fee or a leave of absence has been approved.