DMP requirements in FWF

As of 1 January 2019, the FWF requires a data management plan (DMP) for all project applications seeking approval and has provided its own template for this purpose. The DMP must include information on how data and their metadata are collected, organised, stored, published, shared, and archived for a specific project. Furthermore, the DMP outlines how the data will be made FAIR.

It is recommended to use the FWF DMP Evaluation Rubric , opens an external URL in a new windowas a further guidance for drafting the DMP and for the evaluation of the DMP. 

  • The DMP must be submitted together with the FWF grant agreement for an approved project

  • The DMP is a prerequisite for the start of the project and will be checked for completeness by the FWF

  • It must be written in the same language as the grant proposal. It is recommended to consult the research data management support of the researcher’s own research institute when drafting the DMP

  • The DMP is to be viewed as a living document that can be modified throughout the project. Any changes made to the DMP should be documented (DMP versioning), and its final version must be included in the final grant report

  • Financing: Within grant proposals, costs for the preparation, archiving, open access, and later use of research data in repositories can be requested (see the respective application guidelines)

Guide "How to write a data management plan (DMP)"

We have compiled a detailed guide with TU Wien-specific information on how to write a DMP. Please note that you must be a member of the TU Wien and logged in to see the button for the How To-download below.